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Although heavy snowfall is uncommon in Texas, occasional snows, ice or freezing rain does occasionally occur. On houses with a flat roof, the weight of the precipitation and the standing water may quickly lead to problems like water leaks. With tips and guidance from an experienced Sugar Land roofing company, property owners can safely protect their homes from infrequent snowy or icy weather.

Flat roofs have an enhanced risk of problems when snow and ice accumulates. Because of this, homeowners may need to take action sooner rather than later to remove the precipitation from the roof's surface. The first step is to walk around the perimeter of the home and move anything in the way that could be broken or damaged from falling snow. An area should be cleared so that a ladder can be placed to gain access to the roof.

If it is possible to safely climb a ladder to the roof, this should be done to assess how much snow or ice is sitting up there. A snow shovel and broom will need to be brought up to the roof to aid with the removal process.

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These need to be carried to the rooftop carefully because even a few extra pounds of weight or pressure may cause a compromised roof to give way.

Excess piles of snow should be shoveled off the roof while standing on the ladder. This will create a small area on which the homeowner can stand on top of the roof without slipping and falling. The shoveling should continue, although the shovel should not be scraped against the roof, as this action could cause a crack or hole. Once the greatest amount of snow is removed, property owners can use a broom to sweep off anything that remains.

If the roof has ice rather than snow, great caution must be used due to the slipperiness of the roof's surface. The easiest way to remove ice is to spray a commercially prepared ice melt solution across the roof. This material usually needs a few hours to do its work of melting the ice. After two to four hours, the ice should be melted off enough to enable it to be swept off with a broom. Extra ice melt can be applied to the edges of the roof to ensure that the ice does not refreeze in the gutters. Any slush that has built up in the gutters should be carefully scooped out and lowered to the ground.

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