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High moisture content in a roof is the main cause of mold, mildew and dry rot and can eventually cause deterioration of structural integrity to the point of a complete roof collapse. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize moisture content, one of the best being enlisting the help of a Sugar Land roofing professional to install an appropriate roof ventilation system.

Ventilation systems come in a few different types, so a little guidance is necessary when choosing the appropriate solution. One of the largest factors on deciding which type of ventilation system is appropriate for any given roof is the environment in which it resides. If a roof is located in an area with ample wind or breeze, simple vents are probably all it will need to remain cool and dry. However, for units in an environment that might pose more of a threat to a roof, such as very hot or humid climates, a more intensive ventilation system might be required.

Soffit vents are primarily used as intake vents, allowing air to flow into the attic area under the roof.

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This inward flowing air places a small amount of pressure in the attic, allowing for exhaust vents, which are often placed higher on the roof structure, to expel the older and warmer air. It is important that the warmer air is expelled because stagnant, warm air causes humidity, which is the cause of mold, mildew and dry rot. Exhaust vents are usually ridge or gable vents, and they do the job well in areas with appropriate breeze.

If the roof is located in an area that has more stagnant or humid air, then a powered vent or fan system is probably a wise choice. Powered vents depend on electricity or solar power, and they use the energy to pull stagnant air out of the attic via force. Fan systems are similar but use their energy to force air through spaces and into ducts, allowing for completely enclosed systems in environments that would not be conducive to allowing outside air to enter the structure.

Proper ventilation systems are necessary for maintaining consistent airflow in attics and under roofs, minimizing the appearance of high moisture content that aids in the growth of mold, mildew and dry rot. Small vent systems can be installed by homeowners who feel comfortable enough to do the job, but it is advisable to contact roofing professionals to guide homeowners toward the proper choice in ventilation and help install the more advanced systems.

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