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Whether an individual is having a new house built or getting an existing home renovated, the question of roof style may pose a problem to some homeowners. Roofs can be built in a wide variety of styles, each of which has their own pros and cons. By working together with an experienced Sugar Land roofing service, homeowners can decide whether the benefits of a hipped roof dormer could improve their homes.

A major benefit associated with choosing a hipped roof dormer style is increased space in the attic. This style of roofing is large enough to accommodate a window, which could create space for the formation of a children's play room, a craft area or a bedroom. Rather than being a dark and unused part of the house, the dormer can add lighted living space. Even if this part of the house doesn't have air conditioning, it could be added with a window cooling unit.

Many homeowners would like to have a home with cozy spaces. The extending hipped roof dormer wall can be outfitted with cabinets and shelves, increasing its storage capability and making this part of the residence more functional.

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The space could then be used as a little library, a quiet reading nook or an attractive sitting area.

Hipped roof dormers provide extra space that homeowners can use in a variety of ways, such as the creation of a master bedroom. The bumped out space may be just enough to accommodate a new spacious bath suite or half bath that adds convenience and value to the residence.

In homes where the upstairs walls areas are slanted, taller homeowners may have a hard time moving around. The addition of a dormer accommodates those who are tall better than a room with angled walls. The enhanced comfort may even allow for this part of the house to be turned into a guest room or a master suite.

A hipped roof dormer could become a relaxing oasis with the addition of a skylight or port hole style of window. These fun accessories could make the difference between having a house that looks like the rest on the block versus a property that is eye catching and boasts a great deal of curb appeal. If the property owner should choose to sell the home in the future, having the additional space and style of the dormer could be a selling point that yields a faster sale and better return.

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