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The reasons for a roof inspection can vary, but, most often, a roof inspection is required because the property owner needs a certification when he or she plans to sell the home. Buyers generally want to know the condition of the roof before signing the real estate contract. Likewise, sellers may wish to repair or replace the materials before listing the property. For professional inspections of every roof type, residents can depend on Sugar Land roofing companies. A specialist will check the components of each client's system and recommend necessary improvements. Based on the findings, the technician estimates how many more years the roof will last and issues a certification that is effective for two to five years.

Unlike a home inspection performed by an insurance company, a roof inspection requires a close analysis of every ridge, drip edge, gutter and piece of flashing material on the rooftop, in addition to the covering. The inspector usually climbs up and walks along the roof's surface, looking for any sign of movement. If the surface is covered with tile, the process can be more difficult. The specialist must find an area that is reinforced and walk on the butt where the tiles overlap one another in order to avoid breaking them. Shingles, wood shakes, metal panels and built up systems are not nearly as delicate as clay or concrete tiles. They must be inspected for broken parts and deterioration from exposure to the elements.

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Over time, shingles can curl, buckle or blister. Wood shakes may crack, cup or curl if they are more than ten years old. For every roof type, inspectors look for damage from high winds and hail as well as potential water leaks.

Sometimes the caulking around metal flashing needs to be reapplied. The flashing should be replaced when impairment such as rust is visible. Meanwhile, vent boots can be checked for damage as well. The rubber may be cracked or the metal corroded. While looking at the drainage system, the inspector will notice both the condition of the gutters and the particles that lie inside them. If he or she finds granules from asphalt roof materials, it is a sign that the shingles have lost some of their protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The roofing specialist will not be alarmed by the presence of black algae, but moss or lichens can cause problems for the materials underneath. If the property owner uses a moss killer, he or she should choose one that is made for roofs rather than lawns. The iron in the lawn products will stain roofing materials. A system that has been repaired and swept clean is ready to go on the market, and a valid roof certification from a reputable company will encourage buyers to make the investment.

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