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One of the toughest decisions a homeowner will make is whether to simply repair a portion of a roof or replace it completely. While the decision may be obvious if the roof is old or the patch will look different than the rest of the roof, financial considerations may also come into play. Fortunately, a Sugar Land roofing professional can take a look at a homeowner's roof to determine what the best course of action may be.

If shingles are placed on a layer of asphalt, it may be possible to simply put a new layer of shingles on top of cracked or rotted shingling. However, if a homeowner has composite shingles or any other type of exotic material on the roof, it may need to be completely stripped off. If there is already more than one layer of shingling on a roof, it should be removed before putting anything else on as multiple layers can result in excessive weight on the structure.

In the event that a new roof was just placed on a home, it may be more cost-effective to patch any damaged or worn areas instead of replacing the whole thing. However, homeowners should note that the patched area may look different than the rest of the roof.

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Therefore, patches are not recommended on any portions of the structure that can be seen from the front of the house.

Should damage occur to a roof that is less than a year old, it may be possible to have the contractor who did the work come back and fix the damage. In fact, it may be possible to have a contractor fix some or all of the damage regardless of the roof's age depending on the terms of the contract both parties agreed to when it was installed. In some cases, the agreement may cover the cost of a new roof or at least to pay for the materials necessary to make a repair job look similar to the rest of the roof.

When an old roof starts to leak or looks worn, it is often the better choice to replace it completely as new materials may be more energy-efficient. This could save money on heating and cooling costs while also possibly qualifying for a tax deduction or credit. Therefore, homeowners should carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a large investment on one of the most critical components to a home.

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