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When water or moisture manages to make its way into a roof structure, the wood framework can be negatively affected, resulting in warping, curling or rotting. This wood rot, when applied to the structure and framework of a roof, is often referred to as roof rot. This damage can easily spread if not treated quickly and correctly, and the structural integrity of the roof will eventually deteriorate. When roof rot appears, it is best to contact Sugar Land roofing professionals in order to assess the damage and provide a solution.

The best way to prevent roof rot is to keep the moisture level low, be it from pooling water or high humidity. The humidity level in a roof structure should not exceed 60 percent. If higher humidity levels are present for any substantial period of time, the moisture can begin to negatively affect the wood beams, and dry rot can set in. Fortunately, there are relatively easy ways to prevent high moisture and humidity levels inside a roof structure.

Proper ventilation is a key strategy in keeping moisture levels low, so a vent system should be in place at all times. Ventilation systems can range from ridge vents to fan systems. Vents are very useful in environments that often provide wind or breeze because this natural air movement will help circulate the air, keeping it fresh and free of high moisture content.

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Environments that are more stagnant or have a high outdoor humidity level should be counteracted using a fan system. Fans can be installed by a handy homeowner or a professional and are wonderful in assisting with proper airflow and circulation.

Any debris on the roof or in the gutters should immediately be removed, especially during the rainy season. Buildup and debris can cause rainwater or residual morning dew to puddle and seep into the roof. If moisture manages to seep into the roof and the airflow and circulation are not substantial enough to remove it in a timely fashion, roof rot can appear very quickly, spreading to other areas and deteriorating structural integrity as well.

When roof rot is not treated properly, it can result in the complete collapse of a roof. If roof rot is suspected, it is best to consult professionals so that they can come out and perform the diagnostics and repairs needed to keep the home safe. These repairs can be minimal if roof rot is caught early, but if left alone, a completely new roof might need to be installed to avoid danger.

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