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Roof sagging is a serious issue because it could not only be a sign of improper construction or framing; it could also be a cause of other household problems. If a swerve, dip or sag is visible in a roof's lines, it might be a small issue that could be rectified with a DIY fix. However, a Sugar Land roofing professional will typically need to be contacted in order to perform diagnostics on the roof and underlying framework.

A homeowner who suspects their roof to be sagging or not structurally sound in any way should examine the roof from the inside in an attempt to locate the issue. There are three main areas of construction that could be posing a problem: the joists, the rafters and the ridge line.

Moving from the bottom up, the joists are the horizontal boards running parallel with the ceiling of the home, and they allow the weight of the roof to be distributed to the walls beneath. If something is wrong with a joist, such as cracking or warping, then the weight distribution can be thrown off, allowing the roof to sag and more stress to be placed on a wall than is appropriate.

The rafters are the diagonal beams running from the top of the roof down to the joists, and they allow for optimal weight distribution from the roof, including the sheathing or tiles, down to the joists where it is supported by the house walls.

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If the rafters are installed incorrectly or they suffer damage due to abuse or weather conditions, the weight distribution will be affected, and more pressure will be put on some joists than is recommended. Improper rafter support, if severe enough, can also be seen from outside of the structure in the form of large divots or deep sags.

The ridge line is the beam serving as the peak of the roof, and it should be completely straight. If there is an issue with the ridge line, either due to improper installation or damage over time, the structural integrity of the entire roof could be drastically thrown off. Issues originating at the ridge line compound as they move down the structure into the rafters and joists. If the ridge line is not angled correctly or swerves in the middle then the weight distribution to the rafters will put more stress on some beams than others, eventually leading to a major disproportion in dependence on individual joists.

Sometimes, small issues can be mended quickly and easily, such as replacing small portions of a rafter or joist, but for anything larger, a professional crew should be called in to assist.

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