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Gutters are a critical component of proper roof maintenance; for example, rain alone can cause a lot of damage to a house. The purpose of a gutter is to securely drain water to a safe place, and gutters are not made to hold leaves, debris and water. However, gutters are easy for many homeowners to overlook. A Sugar Land roofing company can help homeowners with roof inspections and roof maintenance, which include gutters.

First, it's good to know why gutters are so critical overall. They stabilize the soil under and around the house, bypassing problems with the foundation as well as avoiding potential flooding and erosion issues. Gutters also help prevent damage to roofs, siding, doors, garages, landscaping, driveways and sidewalks. Homeowners who regularly maintain their gutters help keep their roofs from leaking and sagging.

When leaves jam up gutters, the gutters are choked with water during and after rainfall. Frequently, the result is roof damage from an overly heavy gutter. Cleaning out gutters is especially critical after trees shed their leaves in fall. In fact, spring and fall are the best times of year to clean the roof and gutters.

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Homeowners should do both at the same time because cleaning the roof can lead to debris in the gutter. If the gutters are not then cleaned, weight from the debris and accumulated water leads to leaks and water spots. Rotted roof sheathing and rotted roof rafters can run homeowners at least a few thousand dollars to repair.

One way to proactively maintain gutters and roofs is to trim or cut down branches or trees near gutters and roofs. This helps avoid leaves piling up in roof valleys or near gutters. Even if those leaves never find their way into the gutter, they should not be left on roofs because they promote moisture growth and decomposition. One likely result is dampening, leaks and weed growth on the roof.

To check for a potentially saggy gutter, a homeowner or roofer climbs a ladder and looks down at the gutter, which should be straight. Longer gutters have a peak in the middle to help direct water toward downspouts. Sags are relatively simple to spot, and in the majority of situations require only the repositioning of loose hangers with a drill or hammer.

To fix gutter leaks, a homeowner or roofer can apply gutter sealant inside the gutter to joints and minor holes. Larger holes need metal flashing with sealant or a gutter patching kit.

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