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On occasion, every copper roof needs to be wiped clean of dirt, leaves and other debris that accumulates. Each type of roofing material has its own maintenance requirements in order to protect the surfaces from accidental damage or excessive wear and tear. A homeowner can work with a local Sugar Land roofing contractor to have a copper roof cleaned, or the work could be done as a regular home maintenance task. Adherence to the following steps will ensure that the roof is cleaned carefully and that anyone working on it stays safe.

Before starting, any fragile landscaping should be covered with plastic tarps to protect them from the cleaning solution, which may splash to the ground below. This is especially important for any cars or other items near the house that have finishes that could be harmed by acids.

To begin, the project should be done on a clear day when the rooftop is dry. The homeowners or roofers should wear rubber soled shoes for good traction. While there are a number of materials required for this project, they are common items that can mostly be found within the home. Work gloves, safety goggles, a garden hose, lemon juice, an extension ladder, rope and polyurethane spray are needed for this task.

Before climbing onto the roof, the homeowner should mix three cups of lemon juice and one cup of salt and put it into a plastic container.

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The homeowner should then climb up to the roof, using a five gallon bucket to hold all the supplies.

A broom should be used to sweep off any visible dirt, leaves or tree seeds. Next, dip the sot bristled brush into the cleaning solution. Working from the drip edge across one side of the roof, scrubbing gently and in a circular motion. Work across one row and then use the garden hose to rinse off the lemon juice mixture. Continue like this all the way up the roof.

Once all of the roof's surfaces have been cleaned, it's time to apply the polyurethane spray. This material helps to protect the patina from being scraped off or damaged in other ways. The polyurethane will need about 24 hours to fully dry. While up on the roof, the owner might also want to clean out the gutters.

This sort of project can be done about once each year to maintain the copper roof's natural beauty and attractiveness. If the home is two stories tall or the roof has a steep pitch, homeowners may prefer to have a roofing contractor handle the work for them.

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