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Small roofing problems can quickly become a major problem if left unattended. Each part of the roof is designed to work in conjunction with the other parts, making the roof only as watertight as its most compromised element. If one part of the roofing structure is damaged, the others will soon follow in a domino effect ending with the roof's failure. Sugar Land roofing contractors are familiar with many of the little things that often lead to a leaky roof and are happy to assist homeowners in their quest to keep their roof in proper order.

A roof consists of the shingles or other covering, the underlayment and the decking. If the shingles are damaged, the other parts of the roof will become compromised. This often happens during a storm. Falling hail can crack shingles. This crack may be almost invisible and allows rain and humidity to seep under the shingles and into the underlayment.

Traditional roofing felt is water resistant, not waterproof. As it ages, it becomes more vulnerable to moisture and may even become absorbent as it comes to the end of its life cycle. Every day, when that famous Texas humidity becomes the morning dew, the underlayment absorbs a little more moisture and becomes less able to keep the moisture out of the attic.

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The next time it rains, water easily passes through the shingles and into the attic, creating a haven for mold and preparing the way for water to leak into the home's interior. The more shingles cracked by hail, the worse the problem becomes. Shingles that are blown off the roof during a storm must be quickly replaced to avoid the same scenario from occurring.

Most homes use roofing felt as the roof's underlayment. This material can become ineffective without any visible warning signs. The first domino in this type of roofing failure is an overheated attic. Roofing felt is made of cellulose fibers saturated with asphalt. Over time, the VOCs in the asphalt that make the roofing felt water resistant evaporate. The evaporative process is facilitated by heat, especially when the roof is heated from above by the sun and below by an improperly ventilated attic. Eventually, the roofing felt actually becomes absorbent. Missing or cracked shingles then exacerbate the problem, and the result is a complete roofing failure. For this reason, some shingle warranties are voided in the case that a roof has not been properly ventilated.

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