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When a house needs to have new gutters installed, homeowners may be faced with a choice of different materials. While aluminum gutter systems are the standard, steel is another popular option. With some professional assistance from a local Sugar Land roofing service, property owners can choose the best type of rain gutters for their homes.

Aluminum gutters are made in a seamless fashion, which reduces their risk of leaks. Seamless gutters also require less maintenance, as no extra caulking or sealing is required. The lightweight nature of aluminum makes these gutters easier to install and less prone to sagging or pulling away from the roof, especially as the fasteners age. Aluminum is also easy to paint and can be modified to match the home's other trim or exterior features. Naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminum is a good choice for areas that tend to be damp or experience high humidity levels.

Steel is another durable option for gutters. This heavyweight metal offers a high level of resistance to denting and pitting. It can be custom made for homes with specialty features like curves and dormer windows where seamless gutters do not work as well.

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Manufacturers can make the steel in a variety of colors to appeal to the homeowner's preferences. If steel gutters are chosen, then the downspouts must also be made of steel, however. When a house is near trees, or if the homeowners have children who might accidentally kick a ball onto the roof, steel may offer a more durable option and be less likely to incur cosmetic damage from direct impacts. On the other hand, the heft of steel requires larger fasteners and additional labor costs to install. The joints in steel gutters require some special attention such as application of caulk on both the interior and exterior sides. This preventive maintenance should be done about once per year to minimize the risk of leaks.

Steel and aluminum are equally effective at diverting and draining water into the downspouts and away from the home's foundation. Both materials require regular cleaning to remove built up debris like leaves, sticks and tree seeds. In addition, both steel and aluminum materials have similar lifespans, averaging about 25 to 30 years when proper maintenance is performed.

Both steel and aluminum are affordable gutter options. While slightly more expensive than vinyl gutters, they are less costly than wood or copper. Steel and aluminum can also be recycled when they are worn out and replaced, which makes them an environmentally friendly option.

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