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While today's roofing materials are engineered to withstand even the worst weather, there are many issues that can affect the functionality of a particular product. Over time, it's quite natural for homeowners to experience problems with the roofing that protects their investment from the elements. Whether there is a minor leak or wind damage after a storm, scheduling routine maintenance inspections with a trusted Sugar Land roofing contractor may help to prevent issues from occurring.

Leaks are usually caused when water has the chance to penetrate underneath of the finished roof. There are several areas that are particularly prone to leaks, including flashing around side walls, valleys, and roof obstructions. Even though it may seem as if the water is entering in a certain location, it's important for handy homeowners to keep in mind that stained drywall in a particular area doesn't signify the exact source of a problem. Often, water will run down trusses and take the course of least resistance. For this reason, stained drywall in a great room may be caused by water that is entering on another room across the hall.

Flashing is one of the crucial components to inspect when looking for leaks. Depending on the type of finished roofing material that is installed, there may be a range of different types of flashing used.

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In an open valley, there may be a sheet of exposed metal or several that run the entire length of the roof intersection. Even a small nail hole or a puncture from a branch can cause a leak that may cause costly damage that may go unnoticed for years. Because any water that is rapidly running off the roof can be dissipated by the use of tar paper or underlayment underneath the valley, damages may not hit a property's interior. The bottom fascia and sheathing that are protecting a home may rot away without a homeowner ever knowing.

Homeowners whose residence has a roof with a lower pitch may be unable to see the condition of their roof. High wind storms are just one issue that can affect the longevity of a particular roof. Damages are more likely to occur with asphalt shingles than cement tiles because the weight of the concrete roofing materials provides an added level of protection. Three tab shingles are composed of a single piece that has three different areas that are separated by a cutout. Because these tabs can blow off, it's a good idea to check for damages on an annual basis.

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