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When a copper roof is first installed on a home, it is as shiny as a brand new penny. While many people love the brightness and luster of the material, some homeowners prefer a more understated or classic look. The steps involved in achieving this style, in addition to regular maintenance performed by an experienced Sugar Land roofing contractor, can help every property owner get a desired veneer of patina on their rooftops.

Patina is an aged layer of copper finish that gives a rooftop an antique look. In most cases, the development of patina takes years, as the natural processes between air and copper are slow. However, it is possible to achieve this look in just one day. To begin, the homeowner or roofing crew should thoroughly clean the roof's surface. This should be done with a mild detergent and warm water. Once dust and dirt are washed away, the roof should be rinsed with additional water from a garden hose.

If the roof has been on the house for at least six months, the oxide layer will need to be carefully removed with a diluted solution of sulfuric acid. A five percent solution of this acidic agent can be found at most hardware stores. Anyone working with this acid should wear safety goggles, long rubber gloves and a face mask.

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The solution should not be poured or stored in a metal container. It should be rubbed over the roof's entire surface. If the roof is new, this step can be skipped.

Next, a solution of cuprous chloridelhydrochloric acid is applied to the rooftop. This mixture must also be kept in a plastic container and requires that the person handling it wear protective gear to avoid skin or eye contact. So long as the nails fastening the roof were installed with the concealed nail method, nothing needs to be done to protect them from the solutions. The cuprous chloridelhydrochloric acid can be brushed on with a plastic bristled paintbrush or dabbed on with a sponge. The homeowner can try different sponging techniques and patterns to achieve the desired finished results.

Once the entire roof has been covered with the patina agent, any leftover acidic solutions should be properly disposed of or dropped off at a hazardous waste collection center. No additional sealants are necessary. Over time, additional patina may develop on the roof, slightly modifying its appearance. This is just part of the natural interaction of copper with the environment and will not cause any performance problems with the roofing system.

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