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Choosing between installing a traditional, rustic looking wood shake roof and more modern asphalt shingles can be a tricky choice, but there are a few key differences that homeowners should know in order to help them make a more informed decision regarding which roofing material to go with. Contacting a Sugar Land roofing specialist will enable homeowners to get an opinion from an experienced professional, helping a great deal with becoming knowledgeable about the materials and laws that might be in place in the area.

Asphalt shingles are extremely popular in the roofing industry. Because of the way in which they are produced, asphalt shingles are a relatively inexpensive roofing option, providing an economic advantage over traditional wood shake roofs. Multiple different colors are available as well, providing options for a homeowner who has a specific aesthetic they are trying to achieve with the look of their home. High end options include architectural shingles, which are thicker and can resemble wood shakes. Because of their affordability and versatility, asphalt shingles can be seen on most of the homes in the country today.

In fact, the mass popularity of asphalt shingles might be one of their only drawbacks. If a homeowner is looking to be creative with the look of their house, making it stand out in a neighborhood, they might want to consider moving away from the asphalt shingles because although they are a solid choice, such a roof will give a home a similar look as those around it.

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Some homeowners might need to stay with the asphalt shingle approach because fireproofing laws are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Asphalt shingles, unlike most wood shakes, are often one of the only inexpensive and appealing options for fireproof roofing material.

Traditional wood shingles and shakes, when available as a choice, can offer a wonderful look for a home. Wood options manage to bring a cozier, less rigid feeling to a home's appearance, which is extremely appealing for some homeowners. Their wonderful look also comes at a higher price tag. Wood roofing options cost a bit more than the common asphalt shingles and are usually quoted at only lasting slightly longer.

Ultimately, if legal and cost restrictions are not an issue, the choice comes down to which style a homeowner finds more appealing. It is important to consider the legal and cost implications, especially when dealing with fireproofing laws, so contacting a roofing professional before making a final decision is the best practice.

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