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Anyone who has walked into a big box retailer knows that he or she can purchase almost anything that they desire. In some cases, homeowners may be able to buy a brand new roof for their homes. Generally, they will purchase the materials for the roof at the store and have the retailer hire a contractor to do the work for them. Although this may seem convenient, is it worthwhile to purchase roof installation services from a store?

For the most part, all a customer is doing is adding another layer to the service contract. Instead of being able to work directly with a Sugar Land roofing professional, they will have to work with that professional and the store that contracted the work. If something goes wrong, the contractor may not be able to do anything about it even if they wanted to. This is because the retailer may have its own warranty and other terms that would have to be met before any necessary fixes could be made.

Depending on what the contract states, the customer might have to pay a fee to the retailer to have additional work done even if it is required to fix a contractor's mistake. If there is a dispute as to the quality of work done, the customer may have to go to court or through a mediation process to determine if the customer is entitled to additional work without having to pay for it.

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Finally, the consumer should think about what could happen if he or she simply isn't satisfied with how the roof looked when it was completed. Is it possible to get a refund or at least a partial refund? Even if it is possible, the retailer could make it difficult to actually get cash back or to have money put back on a credit card. When working directly with a contractor, a customer will generally have an easier time either getting a partial refund or getting the contractor back to finish the job to the customer's satisfaction.

While it may seem easier and less expensive to buy a roofing contract through a retailer, it is often best to deal directly with a contractor. This is because the contractor and homeowner can create contract terms that work best for them and are easily understood. If a problem arises, it is often much easier to solve that problem when only two parties are involved instead of three.

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