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When it comes time to replace the gutters, homeowners should consider the benefits that seamless gutters offer over traditional styles. While all designs work by shuttling water away from the roof's edge and lengthening the life of the roof, sectional systems are prone to wear and tear as they age. The more sections a gutter system has, the greater the chance for leaks.

At one time, aluminum gutters were only sold in sections. These sections had to be pieced together by a Sugar Land roofing expert and then sealed well to make sure the sections didn't leak. Since the lengths were short, they were easily produced by manufacturers, but they didn't always fit the current design of the home. The extra seams also made them look unsightly after installation.

Today's seamless gutters are custom built. They travel down the sides, back and front of the home in a single piece without a break. The only place they have seams is at the corners and where they attach to the downspout. Since they fit snugly against the fascia board and soffit, there is less tendency for external damage.

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Where the fascia board used to rot when water seeped through the seams, seamless gutters help to eliminate that problem.

The most popular material used for seamless styles is aluminum, although some homeowners prefer copper and others galvanized steel. Aluminum is lightweight and resistant to rust. It can be easily molded to fit the curvature of the roof since it's soft. These gutters do need to be professionally installed with the aid of a specialized machine. The machine is brought on site, which allows the roofer to provide a flawless finished design.

Seamless gutters come in a wide variety of colors. The homeowners can pick the best color for the home's current design. These gutters also come with a baked enamel finish that homeowners won't have to repaint. That saves both time and money.

In addition to outside seams, sectional styles also contain seams that run along the inside bottom of the tubing. These ridges are rough and can cause blockages if leaves and other debris get caught along the edge and begin to pile up. Seamless styles eliminate that possibility since the inside of the gutter is smooth. Cleaning is easier and faster. Seamless gutters also come with reduced maintenance costs compared to seamed varieties. However, it's always wise to have the gutters routinely checked out by a professional.

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