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Installing a quality attic ventilation system can help lower utility bills, prevent formation of ice dams, prolong the lifetime of roofs and stave off potential dangers like mold, mildew and dry rot. Finding the appropriate type and size of system is important for success, so enlisting the help of a Sugar Land roofing professional is a wise choice when looking into systems. A professional service will be able to assess the size of the attic and consider the environment in order to suggest, and even help install, the best attic ventilation system for the job.

Utilizing the proper venting system can help a homeowner lower their utility bills by keeping the attic at an appropriately cool temperature. Air conditioners will struggle to keep up with the rising heat of attics during the warmer months, forcing them to exert much more energy than if the attic was properly cooled. Because one of the main responsibilities of ventilation systems is to decrease warmth in an attic, which also helps cut down on harmful humidity, home air conditioners will not have to work as hard to do their jobs, thus consuming less billable electricity and saving the homeowner money.

Attic ventilation systems will also help mitigate the formation of ice damming, a phenomenon that occurs in snowy and freezing areas. If an attic is not cooled properly, the heat within it can warm the roof, in turn melting any snow that might be on top of it.

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The water from melted snow will flow down the roof and into freezing cold gutters where it will turn into ice. This ice will block any residual melted snow from flowing further, creating harmful pools of water that can seep into the roof and cause damage.

Water damage to a roof can appear in multiple forms, primarily mold, mildew and dry rot. All of these can be annoyances and even health concerns, but dry rot, if left to its own devices, can deteriorate the structural integrity of a roof to such a point that it could completely collapse in on itself. Homeowners can avoid this water damage by minimizing ice dams and eliminating harmful humidity. Supplying sufficient airflow to the attic ventilation system can help lengthen the lifetime of both roof and home alike.

Installing the right type and size of ventilation system is important as well, and specifying which system is appropriate for a given situation is most likely a job for an experienced roof and attic specialist. With professional help, homeowners can enjoy the benefits that come along with having a quality ventilation system and rest easy knowing that their attic, roof and home are safe.

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