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Clay tile roofing materials can offer many benefits, including longevity, personalized style and resistance to common problems that occur when using other roofing materials. These benefits also bring a few drawbacks with them, such as increased weight, fragility and more frequent maintenance. Contacting a Sugar Land roofing specialist can help homeowners understand these benefits and drawbacks and allow them to make a more informed decision regarding which material is best for their home.

The longevity of clay tile roofing is impressive, usually guaranteed for 50 years but expected to last much longer. This longevity can probably be attributed to the fact that tile roofs are resistant to common problem that other roofs often suffer from, such as mold and mildew growth and the appearance of dry rot. Tile roofs also provide protection against the elements as they are fire and water resistant. There are also different types of tile to choose from, such as pantile, flat tile, or imbrex and tegula.

Despite the benefits tile roofs provide, there are also a few disadvantages, such and their weight. The severe weight of a tile roof needs an extremely solid structure to keep it up.

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For homeowners who already have a tile roof and are looking to replace it, the structure beneath it currently probably has the proper amount of support for a new tile roof to be put on. However, if a homeowner with an asphalt shingle or wood shake roof is looking to switch to tile, he or she may need to do quite a bit of work on the underlying structure in order to have it provide the right amount of support for the heavy clay.

Maintenance of tile roofs can also be an issue, but not necessarily for the reasons one might think. Broken or missing tiles need to be replaced, but what is underneath the tile will probably need more regular repair than the tile roof itself. The waterproofing and framework are beneath the tiles and can deteriorate over time. It is important to keep the underlying waterproofing up to date so that moisture cannot enter the framework structure and put it at risk of structural damage.

Tile roofs offer a variety of benefits, like longevity and personal customization, but the drawbacks of their extreme weight and underlying maintenance should not be ignored when choosing a material. Enlisting the help of a professional to help with the decision making process is probably a wise choice for a homeowner looking into installing tile, especially since significant structural modifications might need to be made.

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