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Making the choice to install a metal roofing material can be difficult, especially since there are so many benefits, and a few hefty drawbacks, to consider before pulling the trigger. Fortunately, contacting a Sugar Land Roofing specialist will help homeowners become more knowledgeable about the subject, increasing their ability to make an informed decision they will not regret down the road.

Metal roofing options can supply extremely enticing benefits, including a lifetime that will probably outlast the existence of the home it is covering. There are many other common roofing options out there, such as asphalt shingles, wood shake and architectural shingles, but none of them come close to the lifetime that can be expected from a metal roof. Paints and finishes on metal roofs, however, are usually only guaranteed up to about 50 years on the high end, which is still on the longer side compared to other products.

Water damage is also less of a worry when utilizing a metal roof. Unlike asphalt and wood, metal will not allow moisture to seep in. Water seepage can be potentially damaging to not only the roofing material but also the structural framework within as well. Eliminating the potential for moisture also mitigates the appearance of mildew, mold and dry rot, which are all caused by high moisture content. Metal roofing is not only water resistant but fire resistant as well, making it a popular alternative in areas where fireproofing restrictions have been put in place.

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Along with these great benefits, metal roofing also has a few primary drawbacks, such as the cost of installation and repair. The initial cost of installation for a metal roof is what will probably deter most homeowners from the start, since it retails for about the same price as premium roofing materials. This cost can be seen as a long term investment, especially since metal roofs will most likely last as long as the home they cover. If homeowners have any intention of moving or selling the property within a few decades, they should consider the potential increase in resale value. Repairs are also more difficult than with traditional shingle and shake solutions, since full panels will most likely need to be replaced if significant denting or other damage occurs. The standing seam solution to metal roofing helps with this replacement, but not necessarily regarding cost.

Metal roofing solutions can offer homeowners wonderful and enticing benefits, but the drawbacks should be considered before making a final decision. Contacting a roofing professional is definitely a wise choice when considering a metal roof, as they can help homeowners weigh the pros and cons and settle on an appropriate choice.

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