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Houston Restoration Services has been installing exceptional roofing products on homes in the greater Houston area since 1984. A new roof or a roof repair represents a significant investment for homeowners. HRS undergoes rigorous training to receive certification in the latest products and installation techniques to ensure the maximum protection and longevity against the rough south Texas weather so that homeowners get the best roof for their money.

HRS offers a number of options so that homeowners can choose the best roofing material within their budget that meets their individual preference and style. One of the most popular and enduring products is asphalt shingle. Shingles come in many different colors and can be installed easily and economically.

Metal seamed roofing sheets or shingles are becoming more and more popular because of their durability and the attractive styles that are available. Metal also helps homeowners save on their electric bills. Metal roofing is typically warrantied for 50 years, but because of its longevity, it costs more than asphalt. In addition to metal sheets, metal is available in shingles that look more like traditional roofing products. Often, they are coated with stone granules to mimic the look of asphalt shingles.

HRS is proud to offer the latest in new roofing technology, including living roofs and solar shingles. For environmentally conscious consumers, these new trends in roofing products are exciting options to consider. Living roofs use live plant material to create an energy efficient and attractive roof that can also serve as a habitat for urban and suburban wildlife. Green roofs come in a number of forms, and the professionals at HRS can advise interested homeowners on the best options to meet their needs.

Solar shingles are fast growing in popularity. Solar shingles are made from photovoltaic cells that capture energy from the sun that can be harnessed to meet the electrical needs of the family dwelling. In addition, solar shingles are becoming more affordable though they require a greater upfront investment than some other roofing products. In many areas of the country, solar shingle roofs produce enough excess energy to not only fuel the home, but the homeowner may also be able to sell the excess energy back to the power company.

Talking with the professionals at HRS is the best way that cost conscious consumers can determine the type of roofing material that best meets their needs. Their licensed, insured and certified professionals are ready to work with property owners to ensure that their roof repair and/or new installation is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

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