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Every home begins to show wear and tear with age. Houston Restoration Services can restore a home to its original beauty or give it a complete makeover. HRS provides fast, affordable home remodeling in the Houston area, including Memorial, West Houston, West University, Fort Bend, Bellaire, River Oaks and Sugar Land.

One of the most effective ways to transform the look of a home is to apply a new exterior. Manufacturers have improved the technology so that vinyl siding now provides greater energy efficiency and less maintenance. Vinyl siding can be an excellent alternative to repainting a home.

Vinyl siding is still the most commonly used siding material across the country. Vinyl siding is more affordable than fiber cement siding and provides the benefits of low maintenance requirements, sustainability, value for resale, durability, versatility of design and lasting beauty.

Of course, painting is an option for updating the exterior or interior of a home. Although some normal wear and tear can be addressed with cleaning, some types of damage and other contacts with wall surfaces can only be resolved by painting.

Cleaning or spot painting may cover damage temporarily, but even clean, undamaged painted surfaces change color with age. The best option to give a home a total makeover is whole house painting. Whole house painting provides a crisp, color-matched coating that will brighten up a house and help maintain the home's value.

An often-overlooked exterior feature that can affect both the appearance and structural integrity of a home is the guttering system. Poorly constructed or poorly maintained gutters can result in damage to a home's foundation and interior or exterior walls. HRS installs gutter systems that are engineered to pitch to drain and to provide the best protection available against water runoff.

Replacement of windows or doors is another way to refresh the look of a home. New doors and windows come in various styles and with many features. HRS can help you select windows or doors that are a perfect fit to the style of your home and your personal style. Professional installation will result in a clean look, improved security and greater energy efficiency.

Interior walls with outdated or damaged wall finishes can be updated by application of drywall. Although installing drywall in an entire house involves several steps, including hanging the board, taping, mudding and finishing the joints, the job can normally be completed in one or two days.

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