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Property owners considering installing a slate roof have many choices to make among the different types of slate tiles available. Slate comes in a variety of styles and colors that can be used individually or in combination to create a dramatic statement in the style and enhance curb appeal of their home. Checking out all the available options can help property owners narrow down their choices when making the final selection with their River Oaks roofing contractor.

Slate is quarried all over the world, but slate from North America has one of the best track records and reputations for quality because it has been in use for centuries. Architectural examples of North American slate can be found all over the continent, and many have been in place and providing protection to the structures for centuries. North American slate is presently quarried in Newfoundland and Quebec in Canada and in Vermont, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York in the States.

Slate is cut into three basic types of tiles. The standard slate tile is uniform in shape, size and thickness. They are installed in horizontal rows and provide a consistent look across the face of the roof.

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This is probably the most familiar style of slate roofing for most people and this elegant look can be found on many historic buildings and homes.

Textural slate tiles are more varied in appearance. They have a rougher surface and come in different thicknesses. The edges may look as if they have been broken off rather than cut uniformly. Textural tiles complement a variety of architectural styles, but may be particularly attractive on rustic structures.

Graduated tiles are quite similar to textural tiles but have even more variation in the thickness and size. When graduated tiles are laid on a roof, the finished product may resemble a patch work quilt. Often the pattern uses thicker, longer and wider tiles near the eaves and smaller, thinner tiles nearing the edge of the roof, with less of the tile exposed as the pattern descends. This installation style makes buildings seem larger and taller.

Combining a preferred installation style and texture with unique color variations can create an exciting and elegant roof that can potentially protect a home for hundreds of years. While gray is the most common color of slate, there is actually a great deal of variation available. Colors can range from purples, greens, rusts and browns, to black or red. Many colors are variegated for an even more interesting application. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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