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Wood roofing provides a beautiful aesthetic effect for any residential property. Cedar is the most commonly used wood for shingles and shakes for many reasons. Cedar has natural oils that are highly waterproof and insects, such as termites, are not attracted to it either. Wood shingles and shakes do require a certain amount of maintenance along the way, but when properly maintained, these roofs will have a very long life span.

A River Oaks roofing contractor will be ready and willing to discuss all the options in wood roofing. Among cedar shingles, white and red cedar are the most commonly used. Red cedar is the most widely used and desired and has always been the most popular choice. In recent years, white cedar has become an option, largely due to the lower price point.

Two major options with cedar wood roofing materials are the shingle and the shake. A cedar shingle is much more precisely cut and all shingles are generally uniform. The shake is machine cut and not uniform. They are more rugged and rustic looking than the shingle and are somewhat less expensive than the shingle.

The environmental benefits are also substantial with cedar roofing.

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The long life span of a cedar roof means that there is less impact upon the environment in general. With less need to replace roofing, there is less waste in landfills. Once a cedar roof does need replacement, the shingles or shakes can be recycled into mulch. Cedar roofing is also helps the homeowner save on monthly energy expenses. Cedar shingles and shakes are natural insulators and help keep the attic area more temperature regulated.

As mentioned, the cedar roof is quite beautiful. The natural appearance of the wood makes each shingle very unique. Most homeowners will not paint these shingles because it is the natural look that they desire. Cedar roofs are very popular in virtually every part of the country.

Maintenance of the roof is necessary to keep the roof durable and looking great. Treating the shingles or shakes to make them resistant to fire is absolutely necessary. Keeping the roof clear of limbs, leaves and other debris is also important to protect the shingles and ensure proper drainage.

The benefits to a cedar roof are numerous and the appearance is unmatched to an asphalt roof. While initially more expensive than an asphalt roof, the longevity and added value to the home make the cost worthwhile. Talking with a roofing professional about options and costs is advisable for anyone looking to install a new roof.

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