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Storms can cause an incredible amount of damage to the home. Even those that seem gentle can cause degradation to a roof. Over time, various weather patterns can lead to the damage of shingles and framework, reducing the roof's effectiveness. From a light snow to hurricane-force winds, the effects of storms on the surface of the home should never be underestimated. As a result, many homeowners will contact River Oaks roofing professionals to inspect the home after bad weather conditions.

Wind is a common element when considering the damage that can be caused to shingles and framework. Although powerful gusts can rip shingles and materials off the roof, this isn't the only way that the wind can cause damage. Debris that is caught by the blasts of air can also damage the roof and siding of the home. Tree branches could easily break free, colliding with the outer surface of the establishment. The stronger the winds, the heavier the objects become that are hurled by these forces of air. Any object striking the roof can directly damage the layers, create holes or assist in weakening the shingles, which may be ripped off later by a completely different storm.

Ice can be problematic for a roof, especially if there are pores or small holes already within the surface. As liquids expand when frozen, water trapped within these areas can cause materials to separate.

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The effects of ice can easily destroy shingles, fracture porcelain and bend metal. It's likely that a small hole in the roof today will form into a much larger one after being subjected to several winters. This can lead to additional damage internally during the spring and summer months as water can enter the home through these openings.

Tar and other sealants are capable of being degraded by weather. These materials are often used around vents and openings on the roof. Even a satellite dish installation needs to have a sealant around the base as these units are often bolted through the surface. As time progresses, each storm begins to wear down the sealing compound, leading to cracks that can be widened by water and ice. It's often viewed as a good practice to have a professional roofer inspect these areas each spring to ensure that the sealant is still intact.

Extreme weather patterns don't have to be limited to snow, rain or wind. Many homeowners don't consider how much damage the sun can do to a roof's surface. Ultra violet radiation can affect the shingles and siding, causing everything from discoloration to the formation of cracks due to intense heat and light.

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