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The pitch of a roof has an impact on its lifespan; however, a number of other variables will influence the life expectancy of a roof more significantly than the pitch. In determining which type of pitch will produce the longest life expectancy of a roof, a number of variables must be considered. The best way to gain a more lucid understanding of how pitch affects the function and life expectancy of the roof, a homeowner should meet with a River Oaks roofing professional to discuss it in detail.

There are benefits to each type of pitch. A steeper pitch will reduce the collection of debris on the roof, such as leaves, which have a tendency to hold moisture. The moisture held by debris on a roof will promote and expedite the growth of moss, algae and fungus on the shingles, which will definitely shorten the life of the roof. A house's directional orientation also has an effect on the life expectancy of the home. A high pitched roof that is facing south in an unshaded area would be forced to take on the full brunt of the sun, which is certain to take its toll on the roof.

The vast majority of roofing experts suggests that high pitch roofs have a longer expected life than low pitch roofs.

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High pitch roofs also reduce the damage that is caused by heavy rain and hail. Another factor that plays a role in determining the lifespan of a roof is bad weather. Generally, storms come from a specific direction the majority of the time, meaning that the side of the roof that is facing the harsh weather side will sustain significantly more damage than the leeward side.

Another factor that deserves extensive amount of consideration is ventilation. A home in which the attic is not properly ventilated will allow heat to build up underneath the roofing, and this occurrence has the capacity to shorten the life of any roof. The most common form of roofing is asphalt roofing, and it also has the shortest life expectancy, which ranges from 15 to 20 years. Concrete tile is popular in certain areas, and it has a much longer life expectancy, which ranges from 35 to 60 years. When preparing to have a new roof installed, the homeowner should depend heavily on the expertise of the roofing specialist they work with to determine the best roofing option for their particular home.

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