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The amount of energy produced from the sun's rays is amazing. Technology has advanced to harness these rays and convert them to usable energy in recent years. The roofing of residential and commercial buildings is a perfect location to create solar energy. Many homes and businesses have begun utilizing solar roofing as a means of becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Solar roofing has been around for several years. A River Oaks roofing contractor can discuss options in solar roofing. Solar panels for example, were the first materials used to harness the sun's rays. These panels are larger and will produce approximately 200 watts of electricity per panel. Some panels are more or less efficient and also depend upon the amount of sunlight. Solar panels do not require any alteration to the existing roof and are typically guaranteed for up to 30 years.

As solar energy technology has evolved, materials have improved to produce more efficiency in harnessing solar power. Solar shingles were introduced to look very much like an asphalt tile. Different shingles have different levels of efficiency, but they average between 30 and 60 watts each.

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They are used in place of asphalt shingles and work as both the roofing material and the solar collector. It is best to install these shingles with the installation of an entirely new roof.

The costs associated with the installation of solar roofing are still substantial although they have become more cost-effective over the years. Federal tax credits exist to help defray the costs of installation. Many states and local communities also offer similar credits and other financial incentives to further promote the use of this technology.

Energy savings are probably the primary reason people choose to implement solar roofing. Between 60 and 100 percent of annual energy costs can be saved through the use of solar roofing. With this type of energy savings added to government incentives, the initial installation costs will be recovered very quickly.

Speaking with a roofing contractor that has experience with green and solar roofing is important. This type of technology is best left to a professional for installation. It requires a strategic placement on buildings for optimal exposure to sunlight and a specific method of installation. Connection to a local power grid is also recommended for times when sunlight is not as plentiful. Excess energy produced can also be shared on the local power grid with most grids paying or crediting the homeowner for the extra power produced.

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