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People are always looking for ways to pay a smaller amount of taxes. Thankfully, the IRS provides a tax credit for homeowners who replace their roofs with energy efficient roofing.

It is not difficult to qualify for this tax credit. As with all tax credits, certain rules must be followed, and the expense must be documented. This will result in a deduction from a homeowner's next tax bill. The credit is equal to 10 percent of all energy efficient purchases, of which new roofing can be one. It is vital for the homeowner to check the material to ensure that it has an Energy Star label. This essentially means that the government considers the item energy efficient.

There is a double financial benefit to switching to new, energy efficient roofing from a River Oaks roofing company. Such materials will provide more effective insulation, and this reduces the amount of central air the homeowner needs to use. Therefore, their heating and cooling bills will be significantly lower.

Of course, a homeowners needs to remove the old roof to install the new roof. This work is not cheap, so homeowners are advised to only do so when their roof really needs to be replaced. However, if the roof is so damaged or old that it needs to be replaced anyway, the energy credit can help take the edge off the cost.

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It is possible for the new, energy efficient shingles to be placed over the old shingles. However, this may cause an improper fit. Also, too much weight on the roof may damage it. Experts recommend that the old roofing be removed before the installation of new roofing.

The next step is for the homeowner to buy, or arrange for the contractor to buy, asphalt roofing with the Energy Star label. This means it qualifies as energy efficient for the tax credit. This sort of asphalt roofing may be slightly more expensive than other options.

Next, the homeowner should have a professional roofing company redo the roof with the qualifying materials. It's important to keep all of the receipts. This is often necessary for the IRS to approve a credit. Homeowners must make sure that they do not lose the receipts. It is also a good idea for them to keep the statement from the manufacturer of the roofing denoting that the material is energy efficient. Homeowners should submit this along with the receipts when they do their taxes.

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