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When a roof has a small area that needs to be repaired, a homeowner will naturally be concerned about the patched area matching the existing shingles. If they don't match, the area will be unsightly, but replacing the entire roof isn't always necessary. Fortunately, a River Oaks roofing company will work hard to find shingles that match the current roof.

If the home has relatively new asphalt shingles, finding a match is likely to be an easy process. These shingles tend to come in standard sizes and colors, and almost all roofing companies in the area will have access to similar tiles. The homeowner may even still have the paperwork from when the roof was done, which will list the exact brand and model number that was used. This makes it easy for the roofing company to use the same tiles and get the right match.

When the roof is a bit older, though, the color has probably faded from exposure to the hot Texas sun. This can make it more difficult to match because a new shingle of the exact same brand and style will stand out.

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A good roofer will take examples from the current stock up to the rooftop and compare options with the homeowner. They'll try to find as close of a replacement as possible. In many cases, the difference in color will hardly be noticeable.

A homeowner who has a more distinctive roofing style such as clay tiles may have a more difficult time finding an exact match. The roofing company may not have that style on hand, but there are often sources throughout the country that salvage unique tiles from roof restoration projects, and these tiles can be shipped for use on the home. Getting these tiles may take longer than other types of roofing projects, so the homeowner needs to factor this into their decision to replace the section with a tile that matches.

In almost all cases, the homeowners will have to decide which tiles match most closely to the ones that are currently on the roof. A good roofer could even lay a sample on the roof so that the homeowner can view it from below. At that distance, small differences don't seem so important. Working with an experienced professional makes the process a bit easier because roofers will be able to make better recommendations. It's almost always possible to match existing roof shingles.

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