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There are relatively few barriers to entering the roofing business in the United States. Some states require contractors to have a license before taking on residential projects, but there are no insurance or certification requirements placed on small scale residential roofers. This lack of regulation sometimes leads to competitive bidding between roofers for projects that they may not always be qualified to execute. In fact, 70 percent of the complaints lodged with the Better Business Bureau are due to problems with roofing projects.

A roof is such an important part of a house that it doesn't make sense to risk a disaster by accepting a low ball offer on roof repairs. The cost of a roof is about 4 percent of the value of the entire home, so getting a high quality roof is one of the most cost effective investments a homeowner can make.

When searching for a River Oaks roofing contractor, it's a good idea to ask about the company's ongoing employee training policy. Factory training teaches roofers how to tear down and rebuild a roof under time constraints so that important steps aren't missed in the hurry to finish the job. Roofers must replace a roof while the weather is good, making sure rain doesn't get inside the home. Employees who haven't undergone factory training might unthinkingly skip an important step that is necessary for warranty coverage.

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Homeowners have very little recourse they can take in this situation. The state government provides building inspections for roofing projects, but the inspector isn't an employee of the shingle company offering warranty coverage. In other words, a passing score from this inspection could still end in roof damage that isn't protected by a warranty.

There are certain trust issues that must be resolved before a shingle company can offer a zero liability warranty. An inspection of a finished roof can't uncover problems that lie under the top layer of shingles, so the company offering a warranty needs to know that the roofer does excellent work. The only way the company can be sure of the contractor's trustworthiness is to invest time and money into vetting the roofer before the project begins. This process is very expensive but potentially quite valuable because so few manufacturers have the resources to do it. The only zero liability shingle warranty backed by a manufacturer's inspection is the Golden Pledge warranty from GAF. Roofers who offer this warranty are called Master Elite contractors, and they've been vetted by GAF to ensure that they have at least seven years of customer feedback that is positive, and they provide ongoing training for their employees.

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