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When a homeowner is having the roof of a house replaced, the old materials are typically removed before the new shingles are laid down. Removal of the older asphalt shingles helps River Oaks roofing crews detect any hidden problems that might not have been detectable otherwise. Property owners can take a few steps to prepare for the roof removal process and become familiar with the different techniques and equipment for removing old roofing.

Before the roofing installation crew arrives at the residence, homeowners should remove any toys, planters or other loose items from around the perimeter of the home. The family's vehicles should be parked in the garage or across the street so that the crew can bring their supplies and tools up to the structure. A large dumpster may be brought in for disposal of the old roofing. The roofers typically put the dumpster in the driveway for the sake of safety and convenience.

When the team is ready to remove the old roofing, they may install roof jacks. These devices give the roofers a safe place to stand and walk while working with their hands. Roofing jacks are especially important for steeply pitched roofs.

The first issue that the roofers must attend to is the removal of any vent covers.

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These louvers typically have sealant around them that is also attached to the shingles. The roofers will use long handled tools to pry the old shingles off the underlayment and roof decking. The workers will move across the roof in one direction, working on all faces of the roof until all the shingles are removed. The crew will toss the worn out materials into the dumpster as they go. Extra care and attention is paid around any special features such as chimneys, skylights and pipe vents.

Once the roofers reach the bottom row of shingles along the edges of the roof, they will slow down in order to avoid knocking off the rain gutters. If necessary, the old roofing felt may also be removed. When it is late in the work day, the roofers may cover the wood decking with tarps so that moisture doesn't build up on the unprotected wood.

After a roof tear off is complete, the new roof is in place and the crews are gone, homeowners will want to carefully walk around their homes. Sometimes, a few loose roofing nails or shingles may be laying upon the ground.

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