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Replacing an existing roof can be a difficult project for a homeowner to undertake. It is recommended that the homeowner hire a professional roofer to do the job to maximize the roof's lifespan and possibly uphold any material warranties. However, even when hiring a River Oaks roofing expert to install a new roof, the owner has a few choices to make, the toughest of which is what roofing material to use on the roof. There are many different roofing materials for people to choice from, and each has its own advantages.

Before choosing a roofing material, homeowners should consider two main factors. The first is the look and style that the individual hopes to achieve, and the second is the climate of the area in which the home is located. These two factors should play a major role in choosing the best roof for a particular house. Professional roofers can give homeowners the best insight when determining what material works best in a certain climate.

The majority of homeowners purchase asphalt shingles. This is widely used around all of North America because it has a lower price tag than other roofing materials and it can be installed on steep roofs.

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Although asphalt shingles don't last as long as some other roofing materials, they are the most budget friendly option. Even after choosing asphalt shingles, homeowners still have a few choices to make, including whether they are made from synthetic or organic material.

Another common roofing material is metal. While more expensive than asphalt shingles, metal roofing can last anywhere from 50 to 75 years, depending on how well the roof is installed and maintained over the years. Metal offers fantastic protection from the outside elements and keeps homes cooler in the summer because of its reflective properties. Also, since metal is a poor thermal conductor, it doesn't hold onto the heat for very long that it absorbs from the sun.

Wood is another popular roofing option among homeowners. Shingles or shakes aren't typically chosen for their durability but for their appearance. Wood gives homes a natural look that can't be achieved with metal or asphalt. While wood is naturally beautiful, this roofing material is flammable and retains moisture. As such, it has to be professionally treated every few years to retain its waterproof properties.

The last and most expensive roofing material is slate. Although it's extremely expensive, this roofing material can last upwards of 100 years. Slate is resistant to nearly all environmental damage, but it rates poorly to impact damage such as foot traffic.

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