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Understanding ventilation requirements is an essential part of planning out a roof installation project. Whether they are working on new construction, a residential remodel or a commercial job, Houston roofing professionals incorporate a plan for ventilation in every job they do. Why is proper roofing ventilation so important?

In recent years, much has been learned about the importance of roof ventilation, and this has led to changes in ventilation related technology. Many homes that were built a decade or more ago were designed with insufficient ventilation. Many of these homes have attics that are excessively moist, contaminated with mold growth, wood rot and condensation. These building owners are experiencing shortened shingle life and increased electricity bills. Once proper ventilation is installed in the roof, these attics dry up.

Therefore, when discussing a reroofing job with a contractor, it is important to ask them if the venting system currently installed is appropriate for the building or if changes should be made. There are certain factors that a contractor will look at to determine if the building's current ventilating system is adequate.

One factor is whether or not the venting system is balanced. A balanced system will have intakes at the eaves that are equal to exhaust ports at the ridge. This allows air to flow evenly, keeping the attic and the roof deck in pristine condition.

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Venting requirements are different depending on the climate.

A second factor is the types of vents that are installed. Conflicting vents, like having a power fan next to a slanted back gravity vent, will create an airflow equivalent of a short circuit. Since both units are exhaust vents, the fan will pull air through the slanted vent, turning it into an intake vent.

Many contractors favor using a ridge vent for roof exhaust. Since it is installed at the ridge, it provides a continual flow of air through the attic and leaves no hot spots under the roof deck.

Bad ventilation will damage shingles. It may void the warranty on the shingles. This is true whether the shingles are made of asphalt, wood or if they are shakes. Improper ventilation can lead to a weakening of the roofing structure and create a health hazard within the home.

The best time to review a roof's ventilation system is when it is being installed or repaired. Making changes to the ventilation system may increase the cost of the install, but in the long run, it will be worth it as it will extend the life of the roof by years.

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