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Among the many roofing material options homeowners have to choose from, tile offers several advantages and customization options. Many homeowners generally think of clay when they hear the term "tile roofing," but roof tiles can also be made out of concrete and metal. It's beneficial for homeowners to learn about these materials and how durable they are before they hire Houston roofing professionals to manage their installation.

As the most popular of the tile materials, clay tiles are made from natural clay that is fired in a kiln, making it environmentally friendly to obtain the materials. However, manufacturers require a substantial amount of energy to form the tiles. While roofing tiles give homes a traditional Spanish or Italian appearance, they can also be made to resemble slate or wood shake roofing. Clay tiles rarely need maintenance, are very resistant to fire and have low to fair wind resistance. They can also be installed on moderate to steep roof slopes. However, they are regarded as a brittle material, which means that homeowners can damage a tile rooftop when walking along its surface. Additionally, the roof frame may need extra support as well due to the tiles' heaviness.

Increasing in popularity are concrete tiles, which are generally made from a mixture of sand and Portland cement. Like clay tiles, they are environmentally friendly because they are made from natural materials, though a significant amount of energy is required in their manufacture.

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Homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to customizing concrete tiles. They can be made to look like slate, wood shakes or clay tiles, and color can be applied to the surface or throughout the tiles during manufacturing. Concrete tiles do not require a lot of maintenance, are fire resistant and have low to fair wind resistance. Despite their durability against natural elements, walking on them could cause breakages. Due to concrete tiles' weight, the roof frame might need extra support.

Often made in the form of panels or sheets, metal can also be formed into tiles. Stone coated metal tiles are made out of corrosion resistant metals and then coated with stone chips that are sealed to the metal with an acrylic adhesive. They can be made with recycled metals and be recycled at the end of their life expectancy. Additionally, they save homeowners money by reflecting the sun's heat. Stone coated metal tiles can be made with an endless range of colors and textures to resemble other roofing materials. Despite being lightweight, they are fairly to very durable and have decent fire and wind resistance. Their lightweight design also allows them to be installed on low to steep roof slopes.

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