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When it comes to green roofs, some homeowners have a negative viewpoint about them for a variety of reasons, ranging from the misconception that they are too difficult to maintain to the belief that they are far more expensive than other types of roofing materials. Surprisingly, the pros of installing a green roof might far outweigh any cons. Presented here are several advantages to green roof installation.

While green roofs have been around for centuries, today's green roofs can be built to complement any environment regardless of the style of home or the climate in which it is located. For example, Houston roofing contractors can design a green roofing system that can buffer the effects of the hot, desert temperatures that many homeowners experience during the summertime. Not only can this help to reduce energy consumption, but it can also contribute to a more comfortable atmosphere inside the home year round.

Some individuals believe that green roofs are expensive to maintain because they are under the impression that a green roof's plants require constant watering.

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However, the reality is that, regardless of the type of green roof that is installed, its plants will only need to be constantly irrigated for a brief period of time. In fact, most green roofs never require additional irrigation once the plants have become established. This is because care is taken to install heat tolerant properties within a green roof's structure.

One of the most practical benefits associated with installing a green roof is that the plants help to reduce water runoff because they absorb excess rainwater. For residents who live in hotter climates that tend to experience regular seasons of drought, a green roof that features plenty of water storing or drought tolerant plants is a great way to conserve water. For this reason, most green roofs also feature Class A fire ratings, which are an added bonus, especially if the threat of seasonal wildfires is present.

The installation of a green roofing system can be quite complex, and there is far more to installing one than simply placing dirt and plants on top of the roof. For example, rather than using traditional potting soil, many roofing contractors might select perlite or another similar lightweight material in order to ensure that the structure of the roof remains fully supported. The local climate must also be considered prior to the installation process, as well as the load bearing capabilities of the existing structure.

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