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As the source of a third of all homeowner's insurance claims, damage to a roof is an important concern. For this reason, homeowners should have a thorough understanding of what to expect during a typical roof inspection and why regular inspections from Houston roofing professionals are necessary.

The primary purpose of a roof inspection is to look for possible defects within a roofing system and any of its supporting structures, such as damage to the soffit and fascia boards or issues with the underlying supports. Another important purpose for a roof inspection is to estimate the lifespan of a homeowner's existing roof. A clear picture of how much life is left in a roof can help a homeowner decide if they want to opt for more repairs or proceed with the installation of a new roof.

Roofing professionals issue a certificate of inspection following a roof examination. These certificates are typically good for two to five years. Having an updated inspection certificate can benefit homeowners looking to the sell their home in the near future. When results show little or no issues with the roof, a certificate may help a homeowner earn a discount on their homeowner's insurance policy.

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A roof inspection also takes place when a new roof is installed to ensure that all applicable building codes were adhered to during the installation process. The same is true when a roof has been repaired. In many cases, the roofing company that installs, repairs or replaces a roof will be capable of handling all inspection requirements.

During a typical roof inspection, the contractor conducting the inspection will have a checklist of items that need to be evaluated. The roof will be checked for missing, curling or loose shingles, signs of wear and tear and granule loss from asphalt shingles.

The exterior structure of a roof will also be inspected for signs of sagging, deterioration and staining, which could indicate issues with the roof structure. A roof inspection will include an interior check for cracks, staining or dampness along walls or in the attic where the roof connects to the home. The inspector will also evaluate any recent repair work to check for signs of new damage or improper repairs.

While some handy homeowners may be capable of performing light roof maintenance, doing so may invalidate a warranty that's still in effect for a roof. Most roofing warranties specify that any repairs or inspections must be performed by a roofing professional. If a homeowner performs even basic repairs, the warranty may no longer be valid for future repairs.

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