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When constructing a home, most people agree that a quality foundation is of prime importance. However, as years roll by, bringing sun, rain, wind and violent hail, the roof of a house is the greatest protection between a home and the elements. Hail and wind are especially damaging to Houston roofing, and homeowners in Houston should inspect their roofs after any severe weather events, in addition to performing regular inspections annually.

Catching damage early may give homeowners a chance to have their roofs repaired before deterioration becomes too advanced. Nevertheless, every roof has a point of no return, no matter how well it has been maintained or how diligent a homeowner has been about catching and addressing damage.

As a general rule, asphalt shingles last about 20 years, but severe weather can shorten the life of a roof significantly. It is important that a homeowner know the signs indicating when it is time to start looking for a contractor to replace the roof on the home.

One sign that a roof needs replacement is buckling or curling shingles. Homeowners should inspect shingles carefully, especially on the slope of the house that receives the most sun. The edges of shingles can curl either up or under themselves, indicating damage.

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Curling and buckling have a number of possible causes, but regardless of the reason for the condition, if shingles are curling they become more susceptible to being torn off by high winds, and they lose their ability to properly protect the home from moisture. A new roof may be in order.

When homeowners inspect their roofs for curling or buckling shingles, they should also be on the lookout for missing shingles. Missing shingles not only allow water to seep under the roof, possibly causing damage to the decking, but they also create a domino effect, making it more likely that remaining shingles will soon be lost as well. Homeowners should pay special attention to missing shingles in the roof valleys. Since water flow is heavy in a roof valley, this area is especially vulnerable to deterioration if shingles are missing.

Two final signs that a home is ready for a new roof are granules in the gutters or daylight through the roof boards. Granules in the gutters indicate that the shingles are losing their protection power. Shingles that have lost a significant amount of granules can no longer reflect heat properly and form places susceptible to water. A final step to roof inspection includes a trip to the attic, where the homeowner should check for daylight coming through the roof boards or moisture in the insulation, both signs that the roof is no longer able to fully protect the home.

Regular maintenance and roof inspection can ensure homeowners get maximum service from their roofs for years, but knowing when it is time for replacement can save homes from significant damage.

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