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Understanding all of the factors that go into the cost of a new roof will help homeowners when it is time to contact a Houston roofing company. Many individuals who own a home may think that the cost is standard, but this is not the case. When an estimate is drawn up for a roofing project, factors such as building material, labor, roof size, weather and special features will all be included in the final cost estimation.

Roofing specialists are trained to accurately measure the size of a roof. They will consider all angles and calculate those measurements into a figure based on square footage. If the homeowner's roof is divided into different sections, each section will be calculated individually and then added together.

The complexity of a roofing project will also be considered. If special items such as chimneys, extensions or dormer windows are added, the price of a project will rise. These specialty items take more time to work with and extend the time that specialized laborers are on the job. Labor costs will also play a role when roof stripping is required.

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A roof that has multiple layers will take more time to remove and will also bump up the price when dumping fees are factored into a job.

When it comes time to decide on the type of roofing material that will be used, the owner of a home will have many choices. Fortunately, the price range for these choices will also allow an individual to fit certain types of building material costs into his or her budget. Clay tiles, metal sheeting, wood, natural slates and concrete tiles are just a few of the choices that an individual will have. Of course, the aesthetic design, durability, longevity and weight of these materials will affect the final price tag of a new roof.

Roof access is also a factor that may change and is determined by the pitch and slope of a roofing project. If a job requires access to a pitch that is steep, it may require a roofing specialist to use additional equipment such as scaffolding. Along with the cost of this equipment, the estimate will rise due to increased time that laborers have to work on installing underlayment and shingles. In addition, any extra details that require more work will raise costs. Skylight installation, removing and reinstalling cables that are attached to satellite dishes or even replacing gutters will also be added into the final cost.

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