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A damaged roof could cause serious problems to the home, but many homeowners don't always know what to look for. While it's a good idea to hire a Houston roofing company to inspect the roof on a regular basis, keep an eye out for the following problems. If found, contact a reliable roofing company to have them fixed as soon as possible.

Leaks are among the most urgent signs of roof damage, but homeowners don't always notice them until they've gotten bad enough that they're dripping into the living areas of the home. During or after a rainstorm, take the time to inspect the attic at the underside of the roof. It should be completely dry. It's typically a good idea to inspect the rafters as well. Sometimes, a leaky roof doesn't drip down from the area where it's leaking. Instead, the water can run along the underside of the roof or the rafters before it starts to pool.

Finding bare spots on asphalt shingles is another sign of damage. This usually occurs after there have been impacts to the roof structure, such as a falling branch or hailstones. If the asphalt granules are knocked off, the homeowner will most likely notice small circles of black or brown on the roof that don't match the rest of the shingles. Without those granules protecting the roof, the structure becomes more susceptible to water penetrating the surface.

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In most cases, a roofing company can replace only the shingles that were affected. Sometimes, the insurance company will pay for the replacements.

While curling shingles could be a sign of an aging roof, they could also be a sign of damage or improper installation. If the roof is approaching 20 years old or more, then the curling shingles are due to age, and the homeowner needs to consider replacement. However, if there are just a few shingles starting to curl, those few may have somehow lost a nail or may have never sealed properly. It's also possible that small animals like chipmunks have been getting into the roof, pushing the shingles up to access an entry point.

If the roof is warping in places, it's likely due to a leaking area. As water seeps into the sheathing area, the wood could expand or get soft and start to sag under the weight of the shingles. This type of sagging can usually be spotted from inside the attic, and the wood in that area may feel soft to the touch. Getting roof problems repaired as soon as possible is essential for the health of the roof. Call a professional roofing company whenever repairs are needed.

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