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As an asphalt roof ages, homeowners may wish to change the style of roofing their home has been outfitted with. The popular choice material for a roof retrofit is usually metal due to its low maintenance requirements and long lifespan. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind when determining if a particular building can handle a roof retrofit. Because each building is unique, a professional Houston roofing contractor should be called to inspect the roof and to discuss whether a retrofit is possible.

One of the main questions that many have is whether the metal roofing can be installed directly over a preexisting asphalt roof. While this is not usually recommended, a roof overlay is potentially possible depending on building codes. If building codes do not permit an overlay, or the asphalt roof is in poor condition, the existing roof will need to be torn off before the structure can be retrofitted for a metal roof.

If the decision has been made to install a metal roof over a preexisting shingle roof, several steps will need to be taken. Prior to beginning the installation process, the roofer will need access to the roof to get the proper measurements. These measurements will allow the roofer to get the right amount of metal to allow for an overhang and to get the right ridge cap.

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The roofer will also take into account the roof valleys, chimneys and dormers as well as order the correct type of fastening screws and closure strips.

First, roofing felt paper should be laid down over the shingles. If the asphalt roof is not even, a roofer may lay down wooden strips on top to give the metal something to attach on. The wooden strips must lay straight and square to ensure that the metal roofing materials will be installed properly. Depending on the type of metal roof, the rake edging will be installed before the actual roof panels will be installed. Additional flashing will be added around the valleys, dormers and chimneys to reduce the potential of any leaks. Once the panels have been installed, the closure strips and ridge cap will be installed.

Retrofitting a roof with metal can be a huge undertaking. It is highly recommended that a building owner have a professional roofer complete the project to prevent any major problems that could lead to damage to the roof and to the home structure.

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