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When a homeowner is faced projects involved in an older home that requires restoration, Houston roofing restoration services may be required. This type of work is differs from simply installing a new roof on a building. A professional roofer must consider how the architecture, structure and existing materials of the home interact with any new roofing work that takes place.

The process begins with a visual inspection of the home in question. If the home is older and badly damaged or dilapidated, new roofing structures such as trusses may be needed. If the structure is sound but in need of cosmetic repair, the roofer should examine the architecture of the building, the style of the materials already in place and even the colors used to determine the best type of roof for the situation. This type of judgment requires experience and knowledge, so owners of older homes that are being restored often prefer to deal with roofers who have experience working with these types of structures.

After the visual inspection, the roofer will make a recommendation that includes deciding between restoration and renovation. The difference is that restoration involves bringing the roof back as close to its original condition as possible. If it is not possible to do so due to cost or safety issues, the roofer may suggest some renovation options for the homeowner.

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This could include changing the shape of a roof to better aid in drainage of water runoff, changing the materials used on the roof or even adding a section of roof over a new or existing part of the building. For example, an uncovered porch may be covered when the roofer completes the renovation.

Changes may also be made at this time to the shape of various roofing aspects. A gambrel roof may be changed to become a dormer or vice versa, or a cupola or other structure may be added to give the home a more pleasing look.

Once the plans are made, the roofer will begin the work of restoring and renovating the structure. This may involve several days or weeks of labor, depending on the difficulty and size of the job. Generally, the more complicated a roofline and the more delicate the materials with which the roofer must work, the longer the job will take. During this time, the homeowner can usually stay in the house, although the roofing professional may be able to help the homeowner decide if he or she would be more comfortable being out of the home for a short time.

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