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When tornadoes, hurricanes or tropical storms strike and damage a house's roofing, emergency repairs are in order as soon as possible. Many experienced Houston roofing companies are available on emergency notice and can quickly seal up storm damaged roofs to protect them against South Texas weather patterns.

Despite using high quality roofing materials that resist high winds and heavy rains, some storms are just too fierce to be thwarted. Trees and broken off branches may be hurled into the roof, damaging the roof decking. Lightening may strike the roof and leave a scar. Large hail may pound the roof and create small impact marks all over the surface. Vents may be dinged and dented, and even chimney bricks may come loose.

In the aftermath of a major storm, a roof may look tattered and torn. Isolated shingles may be missing, patches of roofing may be torn up, and whole roof sections may be largely destroyed. Some shingles may be knocked loose and ready to fall. Flashing may be dangling from one end. Other shingles may be cracked, torn, gouged or nicked, and some shingles may refuse to lie down flat.

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When the underlayment is left exposed, the decking is still protected to a degree, but this will only suffice on a temporary basis. If the wood is stripped completely bare, tarps will need to be placed over the bare spots until repairs can be done.

When leaks are created by a storm, their exact location may be unknown. A professional roofer will know how to find them and stop them. Damaged and missing shingles or underlayment will be replaced, and shingles can be re nailed or tarred down to make them lie flat again. Ridge caps torn off peaks and hips will also be restored.

If the actual structure of the roof was damaged, many roofers will have carpentry skills and be able to make those repairs as well. For example, rafters, decking or an outcropping gable may have been crushed. Many roofers have the expertise to fix these problems.

The expense of recovering from a storm damaged roof will vary greatly depending on the level of damage. A house without a functioning roof, however, is in urgent need of repair before leaks enter and damage the interior. Many local roofers will respond to emergency roof repair calls with incredible rapidity because they realize that the future of the whole house is at risk.

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