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There are many different types of roofing materials that are fabricated by manufacturers. These products are designed to work on flat roofs, roofs with a low slope, and steeper roofs. Different roofing styles require different types of materials. Houston roofing professionals have the experience and know-how to select the proper roofing equipment for the right roof. It is essential for contractors, homeowners, or commercial building owners who choose to work on their roof to understand the difference in roofing structures and the materials used on these roofs.

For example, a qualified contractor would know that asphalt shingles are designed to work best on roofs that have a pitch ranging from 4/12 to an almost vertical slope. There are a handful of companies that manufacture asphalt shingles. So there is not a huge difference in the quality of one shingle to another. Why then do some shingled roofs last only 10 years and others last 30 years or more?

While things like weather conditions play a role in the life of a roof, the primary factor that will determine the life of a roof is how well it was installed. Roofers can be all over the chart when it comes to the quality of their installations. One roofer may install shingles incorrectly, and as a result the roof begins to leak in just a few months.

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Others may install the roof so that it is good enough to last for 10 years when it should have lasted for 15 or 20.

A good roofing contractor will not only have experience working on roofs, but they will keenly understand the manufacturer's specification for the roofing materials they are installing. Having basic roofing knowledge is good, but in order to get the best results, roofing contractors must follow the specific guidelines laid out by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer's guidelines are not followed, they will not stand behind their product, and they will not offer a guarantee.

Manufacturers provide guidelines on the type of galvanized roofing nail that should be used with their shingles. They will specify the length of the nail as well as the proper spots to put the nails and the number of nails that should be used. Contractors who use nails that are too long or who drive the nails in a crooked way will damage the shingle, reducing its life. This is just one of the many examples that show the importance of a contractor being familiar not just with roofing, but also with the specifications for the particular materials they are using.

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