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There are certain home repairs that can be put off for a while, but a damaged roof that has cracked, curled or missing shingles needs to be repaired immediately. Any procrastination could result in extensive water damage to the home's structure as well as to property inside the home. As soon as a homeowner sees roof damage, they should contact Houston roofing professionals and have them examine the roof. They will look at common problem spots on the roof to determine if it should be repaired or if it should be replaced.

Some signs that point to a roof that is in need of repair or replacement include curled or missing shingles, cracked flashings around chimneys and skylights, and damaged rubber boots around vents. Once it has been determined that a repair job is needed, how will a contractor go about determining the amount of roofing material they will need to purchase?

Roofing material is sold by the square. One square is equivalent to 100 square feet in area. By simply measuring each section of the roof in feet and then dividing it by 100, a contractor will come up with a rough estimate for the amount of material that is needed. They may add on 10 percent additional material for waste.

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A home with 2,300 square feet will require approximately 30 squares. Once the amount of materials needed for the job is determined, contractors will next decide if the old roofing material can be covered over or if it will need to be removed entirely.

If there are already two layers of roofing material in place, building codes demand that the roofing material be stripped down to the sheathing. Most roofs are constructed strong enough to hold two layers of roofing material, but installing three layers of material may overstress rafters and other structural parts of the home. If the homeowner chooses to use a heavy laminated shingle, even one extra layer may be too heavy for the home's structure. In addition to weight considerations, there are other benefits to stripping off old roofing material before applying new material.

Removing old roofing material allows contractors the opportunity to inspect the roof structure for water damage, termite infestation and wood rot. It will also allow them to apply a new roofing felt that will create a solid moisture barrier between the shingles and the wood sheathing.

Roofing contractors are ready to work with homeowners in helping them get a clear understanding of what their roofing project will encompass. They are an invaluable source of information for homeowners as they are having their roof repaired.

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