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Individuals and families wanting to learn more about the various options for solar energy for powering their homes can contact a Houston roofing professional for expert advice. Solar energy is harvested when photovoltaic cells, also referred to as solar cells, absorb the sunlight and cause electrons to flow, creating a current. A number of these cells are connected together, forming a solar panel. The panels then are connected together and placed on either the ground or the roof. Placing them on the roof is more popular in order to avoid taking up valuable space on the ground. Putting them on the ground, however, will usually allow them to be positioned at the optimum angle from which they can absorb the most sunlight, although this is rarely feasible.

Electricity that is produced from sunlight by solar panels is in the form of direct current (DC). Appliances and lights in the home run on alternating current (AC). Consequently, before the electricity can be used in the home, it must be converted to AC. This is accomplished with the installation of an inverter through which the electricity is routed before it is sent through the home's wiring system.

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The solar inverter is not placed on the roof with the panels. It is usually placed in the garage, if there is one. Otherwise, it may be located in the same vicinity as the main breaker panel. Once the inverter does its job, the electricity is ready to use. Any power produced by this system in excess of what is consumed in the home goes back into the power grid and results in a credit to the homeowner's electricity bill.

Many homeowners who begin to utilize solar energy opt for solar shingles as opposed to solar panels. The difference is that solar shingles are smaller in size and designed to blend in with asphalt shingles where appearance is concerned. A disadvantage of solar shingles versus solar panels is that shingles are not as efficient. However, that is likely to change as energy research continues. One advantage of solar shingles is their appearance. Their thinner profile, combined with their size and shape that resembles traditional asphalt shingles, gives homeowners the reassurance that they do not have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to be energy conscious. The appearance of solar panel equipment is typically a deciding factor on whether or not to have them installed. Solar shingles can save energy and still give the homeowner a roof that looks good.

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