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When homeowners are confident in their ability to perform roof inspections, hiring an experienced Houston roofing contractor to come out and inspect the property can feel like overkill. In these cases, homeowners themselves are the best line of defense when it comes to their roofs. With regular inspections, they can identify potential leaks, missing or damaged shingles and failing roof materials including flashing, caulking and weatherstripping. However, it is recommended that homeowners have an expert drop by to look over the roof every two or three years.

One of the main advantages of having a roofer perform an inspection comes from the fact that roofers are trained to identify problems to which homeowners may be oblivious. For example, they may be able to recognize the signs of insulation problems in the attic, if there is evidence of rodent or insect infestations and if there is evidence of water damage. A homeowner may notice problems after the damage has already spread, while the roofer may see the problems while they are easy to take care of or before any damage has actually happened.

Experienced roofs are also specially trained to move around on roof surfaces that may be dangerous due to steep slopes or loss of structural integrity. They know where to step, how to move about on a pitched surface, and professional contractors have the proper safety equipment designed to keep them secure.

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It is much easier to see the condition of the shingles and flashing when on top of the roof. The roofer may also see things that cannot be seen from the ground.

Finally, the roofer can give an estimate on the remaining lifespan of the roof. This information can be extremely important, as installing a new roof is a complex decision that can cost homeowners time and money. Essentially, this estimate will give homeowners an idea of how much time they have before reroofing services are required. Additionally, if severe problems are noted, it can be determined if the roof can be fixed or replaced while still under warranty.

In between roof inspections performed by experienced roofers, homeowners should still be checking out the roof. By working with contractors as well as performing routine inspections themselves, homeowners can prevent serious problems that could lead to expensive repairs in the long run. By knowing what to look for in terms of damage, and by keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule, homeowners will find that the roof is less likely to collapse or fail prematurely.

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