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The residents of the Houston area are no strangers to their homes becoming victims of storm and weather damage. The Houston area climate is tough on homes and businesses. Violent wind storms, seasons of torrential rains, hot sun and, most notably, hail, can leave roofing systems damaged and homeowners with hefty repair bills.

When it comes time to install, repair or replace Houston roofing, homeowners have a number of choices to make. Choosing which style of roof best suits the home is a common concern, along with questions about how to best increase durability and efficiency. For many in the Houston area, the answer is going to be an investment in impact resistant roofing materials that can help protect both homes and homeowners' pocketbooks.

Roofing materials are rated from Class 1 to Class 4 to indicate the extent they are able to withstand wind and hail damage. Materials rated as Class 4 in impact resistance were for years available only in aluminum, copper, plastic and resin. These materials were expensive and often out of reach financially for many homeowners. In addition, many homeowners also prefer the look of asphalt shingles on their homes as opposed to other roofing options.

Modified asphalt shingles have become the solution for many homeowners.

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Like their more expensive counterparts, they are able to resist wind and hail damage much better than materials with a lower class rating. Hail causes damage to shingles by hitting them in such a concentrated manner that the granules covering the asphalt shingles come off. These granules are the first line of defense against shingle damage. As the granules come off, the asphalt is exposed to the sun, causing further deterioration and eventually leading to an ineffective roof that allows leaks. Modified asphalt shingles provide other layers of protection and are designed to be flexible, allowing them to resist wind and hail damage. As hail hits a modified asphalt shingle, even during powerful windstorms, its flexibility prevents the hail from fracturing the fiberglass mat, allowing the shingle to continue to protect the home.

The cost for modified asphalt shingles is 10 to 20 percent higher initially, but they can reduce roofing maintenance and repair costs significantly throughout the lifespan of the roof. Modified asphalt shingles may also help homeowners avoid premature replacement costs. Many insurance companies offer money saving advantages to clients who choose impact resistant materials, such as reduced policy premiums and higher deductibles.

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