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Leaky gutters and downspouts not only add to the life cycle cost of a roof, but they can also incur pricey repair services for the home's foundation, walls and ceilings. Instead of waiting for an obvious leak to occur, homeowners can work with a local Houston roofing contractor to test rain gutters for leaks and repair them before serious damage develops.

Leaking gutters allow rain or melting ice to fall against the structure's walls and foundation. This moisture can eventually cause the concrete walls or slab to crack. Saturation of the clay soil may cause too much pressure to build up against the foundation, leading to bowed walls. Persistent moisture also fuels the growth of mold and mildew, which may result in health problems, bad smells and too much dampness within the household.

To check the gutter for leaky spots, the property owner will need to gather a ladder, garden hose, a flashlight and some work gloves. For second story gutters, some safety gear such as elbow and knee pads and a protective helmet may be helpful. For safety, owners may want to have a helper standing on the ground to act as a spotter.

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The first step is to set up the ladder in a way so it's not leaning against the gutters and so that it provides a clear view into the gutter openings. Having another person on the ground below can also help with leak detection.

Next, the person on the ground can turn on the water spigot to the garden hose. The hose should be held into position so that water can run through the length of the gutter toward the downspout. The hose should not have room to wiggle around.

The person on the ground should walk around the perimeter wall of the house and look for water dripping down from the gutters anywhere besides the bottom of the downspout. If water is dripping out anywhere, this means that there is a leak in the gutter. The person watching at ground level should also make sure the water is coming out the end of the downspout.

The person up at the roof's edge should periodically move the hose around to continue testing different areas of the gutters. All sides of the roof should be examined for leaky spots. The flashlight can be used in dark corners or shaded areas to check for leaking water. Any place where the water leaks should be noted and a professional repair service should be contacted to make repairs in a prompt manner.

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