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Copper is a beautiful, strong and durable material that is widely valued for its longevity and resistance to corrosion. Many homeowners like the shine and brightness of copper's color and finish. In order to maintain copper materials' luster over the years, some special maintenance is required for gutters and downspouts made with copper metal. Property owners can work with an experienced Houston roofing service to ensure their rain gutters are properly maintained.

The first and most important step in caring for copper gutters is regular cleaning. Debris such as leaves, sticks and seeds may accumulate in the gutters, eventually causing an obstruction. The breakdown of organic matter can also stain and pit the copper.

To remove the detritus and to prevent clogs, homeowners can climb a ladder to access the openings of the gutters. The ladder should not be placed against the gutter, as the pressure could cause dents and scratches. Ladders should always rest on a hard, steady surface, and the person cleaning the gutters should wear soft and clean cotton gloves to protect the patina and natural shine of the copper. Bare hands, dirty or roughly textured gloves may leave oils or scratches on the patina, causing an unattractive appearance on the gutters. The debris should be scooped out by hand and put into a bucket.

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The bucket can be lowered to the ground as needed and dumped into a yard waste collection receptacle or a compost pile.

The next step of gutter care is checking for loose fasteners, gaps between the gutter's edge and the home's roof, and cracks between the seams of pieces of gutter or at the opening leading to the downspout. If the property owner notices any of these issues, a roofing or gutter repair service should be contacted to make prompt and professional repairs.

Another action to consider is the installation of gutter covers. Mesh wire or plastic screening, vinyl or metal drip edges and clip on coverings are all cost effective and simple ways to minimize the amount of leaves and other items that are able to wash down the rooftop and end up inside the gutters. The covers can be designed in a color and style that complements the copper gutters. With a covering in place, homeowners may find that the gutters only need to be cleaned out twice per year rather than four or five times per year.

Carefully maintained copper gutters can last for 50 years or even longer. With good care, a home's gutters can easily outlast the exterior roofing material.

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