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A home is often the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. The roof is the first line of defense a home has from the elements. If the roof falters or becomes damaged, the rest of the house begins to suffer. How does a homeowner find a qualified Houston roofing company to complete the necessary repairs? By following a few common sense guidelines, a homeowner can make an informed choice.

If the needed roof repairs are the result of a weather event, homeowners should do two things immediately. As soon as the weather permits, they should cover the damaged roof. If power lines are draped across the yard or roof, however, residents should call the utility company immediately. They should not attempt to move any downed lines. Once the utility company has moved or powered down electrical lines, the roof can safely be covered. Then, the insurance company should be contacted. Most insurance companies have disaster departments, so when a major weather event hits, agents and adjusters are ready to take calls and begin the rebuilding process. In many cases, the insurer will have a recommended list of contractors for a given area. These companies have a successful track record with the insurance company and understand the required guidelines and standards. When major disasters strike, it is not always possible to find a recommended roofing company that is available. If this scenario happens, homeowners should not panic. When a homeowner starts scrambling to find a quick fix for a major repair, larger problems soon follow.

A roofing contractor from Houston Restoration Services of Houston would be happy to answer any question you have about storm damage or remodeling.

The first step is to not hire the first crew that knocks on the front door. Unfortunately, less than trustworthy contractors prey on storm victims, and the bigger the storm, the more scams emerge. Many bogus repair crews come from neighboring states, offering fast help to storm survivors. While the first impulse may be to let the crew do the work, this is a mistake. The worst case scenario is they do a sloppy job, causing more damage, and the insurance company refuses to correct the problem. A common scenario is that the crew takes the insurance money and just vanishes. Both cases still leave the homeowner with a damaged roof and out of pocket expenses.

A little homework should be the first step. Homeowners should ask friends, coworkers and neighbors who have had roofing work done in the past for company names and information. A small conversation with a coworker who had trouble with a roofing company could save a homeowner a major headache. Homeowners should also check with the local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce to view a company's business practices and conflict resolution history. How a company handles complaints tells a lot about a business. Finally, a potential customer should visit the company's website to find out their past projects and see the sites in person. Getting a firsthand view of the finished product can help a homeowner make a more confident decision.

Research does not guarantee that there will not be problems with a major repair such as roof replacement. However, it will better prepare the homeowner to make the most informed decision possible and find a roofing company best suited to the job.

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