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Asphalt roofs are expected to last between 15 and 20 years. This means that, at some point, it is likely that the homeowner will be responsible for replacing a roof at least once. However, a roof replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the roof, the complexity of the roof and the materials that are being used. Due to the expense, some homeowners may wish to extend the lifespan of their roof. A Houston roofing contractor can help provide information how the lifespan of the roof can potentially be extended.

One of the many things that homeowners can do is to remove leaves and moss that may be on the roof. Piles of leaves may collect in the roof valleys and around chimneys. As the organic materials decompose, they can trap moisture or allow moss and mold to grow. Eventually, this can cause the roof shingles to disintegrate. By routinely removing organic materials, the shingles will be better protected. The leaves can be removed with a leaf blower or a garden hose. A mixture of chlorine and water can be used to remove moss. Any overhanging branches should be trimmed back to reduce the amount of leaf litter that ends up on the roof. Overhanging branches can contribute to the accumulation of debris, leaves, twigs and other organic matter that can cause damaging pools of water.

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The gutter should also be cleaned and regularly maintained. Gutters can become clogged with leaves and twigs, which could result in water being backed up into the roof. If moisture gets underneath the shingles and into the roof sheathing, the sheathing and rafters could grow wood rot. If the homeowner is comfortable working on a ladder, the project only takes a few hours depending on the size of the home. Otherwise, a roofer should be regularly scheduled to come do gutter maintenance.

Finally, the homeowner should conduct regular roof inspections. They should be looking for missing roof shingles, curled or damaged shingles and damaged flashing. If there are missing shingles, water is likely to get into the roof. If the flashing has become corroded, the weak areas of the roof are no longer properly being protected. Granules in the gutters or around the home's foundation may be an indication that something is wrong.

If homeowners feel that something is amiss or if they see that the roof has been damaged, a professional contractor should be contacted as soon as possible. By providing regular maintenance and repairs when needed, the roof can potentially last much longer than its estimated lifespan.

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